I Tried These Things Alone To Get a Unique Experience

To remain in isolation and stay disconnected can be very hard in this digital world. We are connected to our loved ones, relatives, colleagues in some or the other way. Thanks to social media for playing a major role in this. This sometimes invite some sort of comparison or constant judgement through others thoughts. In other words, we are constantly influenced by others perspective in doing things we want to do for ourselves especially when we want to do alone.

But I came to know these things to be done alone for a unique experience you will laud through out.

Take a look.

  1. Planning a Solo Trip

Now this sounds exciting and something a worth to try. It is found that travelling to different places and discovering experience helps in maintaining brain resilience, flexibility and strength. Just feel the difference of travelling alone to explore things in your own way without any judgement.

  1. ‘I will cook for myself’

Preparing food for your own means no need to think for others preferences. In fact just think that you are doing in such a way that results in learning and creativity. It also sounds as if I can manage and arrange things for me when needed.

  1. ‘Thinking of dining in the hotel alone at night’

Well this is all about eating alone which has its own stigma why people do it. The logic says we do it for connecting with our own thoughts and enjoy the food. There is no chance of getting influenced by companion’s thought.

  1. Dance and Dance and… just Dance

Think about forgetting everything surrounding you, start dancing alone in any way (you are not suppose to be an expert) then see the effect. Your worries and pressure gets burnt like a fat since you are enjoying dancing. A must try activity on your favourite song.

  1. Work Out

Doing exercise daily even for 30 minutes (and meditation too) has tremendous effect in managing your daily schedule with ease. Do this to feel the difference. At least it will boost the patience and confidence you need everyday.

  1. Exploring the outdoors

Staying close to nature makes you happy, creative, less stressed and physically energetic. Walking alone in the breezy environment can make you feel centred.

  1. Embrace Sex

Now this doesn’t mean making your partner feel frisky. It’s about Masturbation. Masturbation has many physical and mental benefits whether we are single or in a committed relationship. Your sex with your partner can become more pleasant.

These activities can’t go in vain if you follow religiously. Genuine things do take time but surprize you for your efforts when taken sincerely. I tried some of them, now its your turn. Would you do?






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Presenting top reasons to know why taking a vegan diet can be cool as well

Its heart friendly and cancer resistive

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