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Breakfast Recipe to Start a Healthy Day. Watch Out.

My mother often says that morning breakfast should be done like a king. Choose a  nutritious breakfast recipe the most. But, alas, our morning goes like this – It’s 8 AM, oh my god! I need to take bath, dress up and with minor snack, run for the office. In this messed up situation, getting essential nutrients looks like a dream. But wait a minute.

Today I am sharing breakfast recipe to give you a nutritious start.

1 Quinoa Fruit Salad

Add some quinoa in a fruit cup. Toss it to evenly distribute Quinoa. Then add lime, honey and basil in a garnishing manner. Your salad is ready. Continue Reading

These Processed Foods are Amazing! Know why.

When we here ‘Taste and Fitness don’t go hand in hand’, it disappoints somewhere especially the foodies. If you are so mesmerized to taste and fitness, you may think of including both in your food. Due to time constraints people often take Processed Food i.e. ready to use/eat foods without household procedure but end up neglecting fitness and so on. But no worries at all!

Here presenting you some processed foods that will take care of both taste and fitness. Take a look!

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