#GreenBeauty! I need to know these Reasons why

Green Beauty has hinted its arrival. And why not as it is all about natural, organic and eco-conscious skin care, hair care, make-up, etc. In beauty, ‘green’ means understanding nature and human body as a whole. In this way, you beautify yourself naturally, free from synthetic, hazardous chemicals. Green Beauty helps saving money and becoming healthy.

Today sharing with you Top Reasons to embrace and follow Green Beauty now.

  1. Recyclable Packaging. When huge waste is collected, recycling becomes a major concern. Due to this many eco-friendly beauty brands use recyclable packaging and clean ingredients like Eminence organic skin care, which utilises recycled, non-toxic plastic. Do big cosmetic brands maintain this thing?
  2. Remember your skin absorbs your beauty routine. There is no filtering of cosmetics (applied on skin) by the digestive system unlike the way body processes food. So even Toxins in cosmetics which we put on our skin can gather in our system gradually. In this way, Green Beauty is a saviour!
  3. Beware of Evil Parabens! They too get absorbed. Creams, lotions, ointments, deodorants, etc. contains a preservative called Parabens (a group of compounds). The shocking thing this Parabens were found in Biopsy samples of breast tumour. No need to explain further what it is hinting to.
  4. Synthetic products affect your hormones. Cosmetic chemicals causes hormonal disbalance that can create havoc especially in the body of teenage girls. They are major consumers to such products.
  5. No cosmetic ingredient testing by US Food and Drug Administration. Europe has banned parabens, phthalates (used in fragrance compounds), petroleum (from eyeshadow to hairspray, found in everything), etc. So their products are inexpensive and quite different. But looks like US standards are lowered for cosmetics. May be because its not a food or drug but a cosmetic.
  6. Speculations are women can consume upto 7 pounds of lipstick in a decade. You end up eating lipstick you apply on your lips so better use lip products filled with organic ingredients.
  7. For boys, it’s easy to take off. Since women use cosmetic products more than men, percentage of chemicals in their blood is also more than men. Beware of this situation.
  8. Do brands reveal what ‘fragrance’ means? ‘A couple of essential oils and the fragrance is ready’. An absolute lie. There can be dozen to hundreds of chemicals (that forms fragrance) that causes serious reproductive issues or allergies.
  9. Your pay goes fruitful by going natural. Paying for cosmetics with simple and more natural ingredients gives better quality instead of cosmetics with fillers and preservatives.
  10. Natural product ingredients are just yummy. Organic beauty ingredients are nourishing too like coconut oils. Start using green pastures that also treats your skin apart from nourishing.

So Green Beauty sounds like a miracle, Is it so? Do comment and tell us what you have to say on this. You can refer our Facebook page to see other exciting and useful posts.



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