These Processed Foods are Amazing! Know why.

When we here ‘Taste and Fitness don’t go hand in hand’, it disappoints somewhere especially the foodies. If you are so mesmerized to taste and fitness, you may think of including both in your food. Due to time constraints people often take Processed Food i.e. ready to use/eat foods without household procedure but end up neglecting fitness and so on. But no worries at all!

Here presenting you some processed foods that will take care of both taste and fitness. Take a look!

1 Oikos Caramel Greek Yogurt

One of the most healthy snack but may be little harsh to those who are not eager on it’s tart flavour. A sweet version can make them happy. Combining caramel and plain Greek yogurt can serve you a less sweet mousse-like dessert. It has zero fat with considerable amount of calories and some grams of protein and carbs. One can also refer ‘Dannon Oikos Triple Zero Salted Caramel Greek Non fat Yogurt’ as it has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

2 Starkist Yellow Fin Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This tuna pack with pinch of olive oil will make your day. Green vegetable salad and wholegrain crackers along with it completes your healthy light meal recipe. Just 190 calories, 18g protein, 13g fat gets added up. Tuna has large protein naturally. For high amount of nutrients like EPA and DHA , omega 3s, one can refer yellowfin tuna with extra virgin olive oil and roasted garlic thereby giving exceptional flavour and quality.

3 Kashi 7 whole grain Pilaf

This food item comprises of brown rice, oats, red wheat, triticale, buckwheat, borley and sesame seeds. Treat it as soup ingredient, cereals or daily meal. For a wholegrain rich diet, its an ideal choice. These oats with low saturated fat and cholesterol and 3g of soluble fiber reduces the risk of heart diseases. Once the recipe prepared, adding green pistachio nuts over the top gives a nice look against golden glow due to turmeric and saffron. Also reheat the pilaf in spiced milk for using it on several days.

4 Planters Sea Salt & Black Pepper Pistachios

Planters brings to you a pistachio sprinkled with salt and pepper in knocking 30% sodium with ease. The snack is available in large pouches and also in individual portion for lunch. Its not too salty or high in calorie and is a good choice for road trips, work, etc. This also reduces risk of heart diseases and is rich in vitamin B6 . Ingredients include dried onions and garlic, yeast extract, maltodextrin, modified corn starch and dried vinegar.

5 Pom Wonderful Fresh Pomegranate Arils

This item gives you the taste of juicy red seeds of a pomegranate without you to get involved in harvesting it. With low calorie and being rich in antioxidants, these sweet-tart gems called Arils can be used with salad or simply eating it as it is. Its a good source of fiber with daily value of vitamin C. Arils are best within two weeks of the date they are packed.

6 V8 Spicy hot Sodium Vegetable Juice

This meal fulfils the nutrients consumed through vegetables. An excellent source of potassium, it can be simply chilled and served. Key ingredients include table salt, potassium chloride. Citric acid and natural flavours. All sorts of V8 juices are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Tomato puree and vegetable like carrots, celery, beets,  parsley (all grown in US), lettuce, water and spinach juice make it a pioneer health drink.

7 Inko’s unsweetened Honeysuckle White Iced Tea

With sweetness of honey and without tannin, use it as an alternative to sugar rich beverages. It’s a low caffeine natural flavoured tea without calorie . This white tea includes benefits like improving immunity of skin cells against sun’s radiation, regulating cholesterol levels, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and for fitness freaks guess what- helps in weight loss.

8 Fig Food Gran Farro e Fagioli Soup

An organic plant-based soup helping in placing wholegrains in daily menu. The key ingredients are diced tomatoes, potato starch, pinto bean flour, potatoes, sea salt, black pepper, spices, onions, carrots, celery, water, extra olive oil. It has total of 179 calories and is a low fat food and why not, even 24 minutes of walking can burn off this soup once consumed.


Hope everybody finds this useful and if you like it, do share it. This blog aims at sharing every stuff to remain fit and healthy in all manner. Any suggestions for further blog post is always welcomed. Do comment for any feedback.

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