These Tips will Help Live Your Life the Way it is

Remember the dialogue of the film The Dirty Picture , ‘Jab Bhagwaan Ne Zindagi ek baar di hai toh Do baar Kya Sochna” . Guys life is not fair all the time and throw surprises and we as a human should know how to react in each situation. This is needed to enjoy the true essence of life.

This article gives you tips to apply on yourself to stop, review your personal situation and find your own solutions to problems as you go forward.

Treat Emotion as a Friend

Running away from emotions like fear, anxiety can be the easiest thing but try to visualise it. See the body signals to such feeling and symbolise it to know whether its on your side and hence make better life decisions by restoring your thinking and purposeful actions.  For example:

Emotion: fear

Symptom: stiff jaw, shortness of breath, etc.

Symbolic image: My father. He sailed the Atlantic. I see him standing on a ship’s deck saying, ‘Hello, don’t freeze, just think.’

Message this emotion is giving me: Ask myself whether my fear is real or imagined. Would I feel better if I took action?

Practising Loving Kindness

When you go through a difficult phase in life, then focus on feeling of loving kindness towards yourself and then sharing it to others. This helps you soften and be gentle with yourself and others.

Think of someone you love, say your partner, family members, friend, etc. As you think about them bring the emotional and physical feelings you associate. Your eyes may soften with open heart and relaxed body. Practise this activity by breathing in the remembered sense of love and as you breathe out release struggle.

Take Time for Morning Mindfulness and Journaling

Take a good pen and a journal/notebook to have beside your bed. Set your alarm for 20 minutes earlier than usual and do the following:

For first ten minutes, tuning your body by focusing on breathing. If mind wanders then gently bring it back to the breath, without judgement. In this way your mind and body quieten.

For second ten minutes, write anything that comes to your mind on notebook without thinking any right/wrong way. Just allow the thoughts to reach from your brain onto the page. Without criticising, review what you wrote and ask yourself:

Where is my focus and how I feel with the words I wrote?

Am I optimistic or pessimistic and underlining negative phrases and consider what can I do to change the negatives to positives.

What thoughts and affirmations can help me stay mindful and calm.

Release Pain and Find Compassion

You can get over your bitter past and regrets and find compassion by doing this activity:

Take two different colour self-adhesive note pads, a waste-paper basket and a large page of blank paper. On one colour note write your hurts to be released. One hurt on each note. As you do this scrunch up each piece of paper and throw it in the waste-paper basket.

Now take another colour pad and write names of people whom you want to show compassion. Stick these notes on the large piece of paper.

Pick up the waste paper basket and say, ‘Let all these hurts go so that now I can live a happy life’. Throw the crumbled papers in your outside dustbin to recycle. Observe these prominent names you have listed and show them compassion, recognising that they are just human beings.

Bye-Bye to Negative Thoughts

When you don’t forget to brush your teeth each day, then also make sure you brush out your negative thoughts in the same way for your mental health.

Healthy Eating Choices

There is a saying in Ramayan that the kind of food we eat has a strong influence on our behaviour. Take a month to track foods you have consumed and find what kind of food makes you healthy, lively and energised or tired, bloated, uncomfortable.

Accepting Your Body

Why society do ‘Body Shaming’ is strange and weird but its not about achieving perfection at all. Love your body the way it is but maintaining with exercise, good food, touch and love is the care our body demands us.

Create Boundaries

You need to prioritise what you can give time to and what you can’t in different situation. Though people think that  saying ‘NO’ is impolite but all you are doing is negotiating different priorities. You are not being rude just practical. Taking care of your own needs is responsible, not selfish.

And that’s the list for today. Hope that these tips can give you some amount of emotional healing and maintain your mental health. Any views/suggestions are always welcomed.


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