Weight Loss Begins with What I Drink. Really?

66% of our body weight is nothing but water. Sometimes when we feel hungry, we may actually be thirsty, not hungry. For a healthy weight loss, what you drink is a first step in loosing pounds. Take a look.

Drink Plenty of Water.  It’s self-explanatory that water has an important role in weight control. 8 glasses of water per day is recommended as it flushes out all the toxins and makes you feel better and healthier.

Since water has no calories at all, you can drink as much as you want. When you feel hungry, just take a glass of water to check whether you were really hungry or you were dehydrated. This helps in avoiding unnecessary eating.

Start off Your Day with a fresh, clean glass of water. Once you get up in the morning, drink one down. This helps your body avoid fighting with dehydration. Also helps in avoiding large breakfast. A glass of water wakes up all digestive juices in your body and gets lubricated. Though you can have morning coffee or tea but be sure to have a glass of water after that. You do this since caffeine dehydrates you and you need to avoid that.

Drink a glass of water before you sit down to eat and even while you eat.  In this way water makes you feel full to avoid overeating. Drinking water while you eat makes you leave the table satisfied without feeling bloated. It also helps in settling the food more quickly.

Give your best shot in staying away from soda.  All sodas are sweetened with lots of sugar. Even diet soda is still a soda with less sugar but other chemical components that are not good for your body. If you drink a soda, tackle it with a glass of water. As discussed above, caffeine dehydrates you so you need to recover. You can also take fresh fruit juice. Don’t take the ones having artificial flavours and colouring. This can be effective for a proper weight loss.

Go easy on tea and coffee. They are suitable to consume if you don’t add a lot of sugar/cream to them otherwise it becomes equivalent to a piece of cake every time. Then you can guess how much calorie you are taking.

Prefer black tea/coffee and green tea. As long as you keep yourself caffeine free by taking a glass of water, taking black tea/black coffee/green tea is good for health.

Avoid drinking excessive coffee as it will desensitize your body to natural fat burning effects that caffeine has. One or two cups maximum per day.

If you like alcohol beverages, try prefer Dry Wine. Dry wine has sugar but most of it has been fermented away into alcohol while sweet wines have more sugar.

Note: If you take black coffee (without adding sugar cubes for taste) before doing exercise then that helps in weight loss as nutritionist claims. But it’s not scientifically proven.

These are the best ways you can think initially for your weight loss mission. Strong determination and patience is another thing you need to follow to realize your weight loss plan.

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